Why is print still relevant for your business?

Hi, thanks for visiting our new blog, it’s great to have you here! As you can see, we’re new to this scene so we thought it was only right to give you some background info on what this blog is and the direction we hope it will take. 

Being a ‘from start to finish’ design and print company, we aim to keep our blog content 50/50 across the two subjects. You can expect to see wise words, tips and tricks coming from our senior team on topics such as sustainability in print, dos and don’ts on website accessibility and project case studies!  

Here goes nothing…

Why is print still relevant for your business? 

At a time when organisations are encouraged to be more and more sustainable, the importance and impact of printed materials is often questioned. 

At Design and Print Solutions, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our processes. From using recycled paper to launching our new eco promotional products range, we’re taking steps toward a greener future. We’re proudly the preferred print supplier for the University of York, which recently announced that it’s now entirely powered by renewable energy. 

We believe strongly that printed material should be used as part of your campaign as it has the potential to reach and engage with your audience in a way that other channels, such as digital, cannot – specifically with demographics that aren’t as digitally aware. 

Research has shown that 80% of households read or browse their advertising mail and that print is 59% more engaging for users than online articles. (Source: Print Is Big). These statistics prove that printed materials have a huge impact in getting your business noticed. 

When printing direct mail, you have the power to be as specific and personal as you wish – use the customer’s name and send it directly to their home address and they’ll be more likely to give it a read. 

A popular example of a successful direct mail project was the Nestlé: Chunky Mail campaign. This was designed to mimic a ‘missed mail’ postcard from Royal Mail highlighting the ‘chunkiness’ of their KitKat. It was reported that 87% of customers engaged with the company upon receiving the post.

We are well aware of the popularity of online campaigns, but we’re convinced that using both online and offline channels is the best way to get your message across.

We’ve helped clients with a great range of printed marketing campaigns and many have gone on to see some great results. If you think you’ve got an idea you’d like to see come to life, talk to us about how we can help deliver some great results – we’re always up for a challenge!