Confessions of a Delivery Driver

If you are one of our many users around Campus you may already have been regaled with tales of derring do and adventure from our friendly neighbourhood delivery driver Pete Bainbridge. If not, this edition of the DPS blog will give you an insight into the man himself, as we bring you…    

…Confessions of a Delivery Driver…!

In December 2013 I stepped into the world of the University of York to start my new job as Delivery Driver  for Design and Print Solutions (DPS). To me, this was the start of a new era in my life. I wanted a job that kept me active which involved going out and meeting people – something I like to do. The University of York was not a place I was particularly familiar with, having only been there a few times previously. The first time was back in the late 1970s when as a former professional footballer with York City FC. Another visit was in my career as a Police Officer for North Yorkshire Police.

I had retired from the Police after 30 years of wonderful and fascinating service in April 2013. My “Old Bill” career had started in June 1983, when I was posted to the cute seaside town of Whitby. In 1990 I transferred to York where I patrolled the streets, before spells on the Firearms Unit and the Underwater Search Unit (UWSU). It was on the UWSU where I worked with my best buddy and now my job share colleague, Dave (aka Spanner).

Cycling is a big part of my life and I try to keep fit and healthy. I have cycled the 15-mile round trip from my home to the University for the past seven years. My day starts with cycling to our shop in Market Square, then the short drive in the work’s van up to Print Unit 5 at Osbaldwick. It is here that the work really starts by firstly walking around and checking job bags and preparing my daily delivery sheet.  Then it’s down to the hard work of checking, packing and preparing the day’s deliveries, along with assistants Will and Andrew.  


It’s a 10.15am departure to deliver the early morning deliveries along with the first of the two a day visits to both our DP Design and Marketing team. Faces in the Marketing team often change, however, the Design team led by the lovely Alex, remains a little more consistent. It’s always a highlight of my day to chat with these people, share stories and catch up on the gossip as I deliver and collect various jobs.

Then comes midday, it’s time to go to the Roger Kirk Kitchen to pick up the Nursery dinners. It’s really nice to see other areas of the University machine running like it does in a very busy and organised kitchen. Like all departments, they are all so helpful and friendly. Delivery of the hot food boxes is a nice change from print delivery. We are often greeted with the not so delightful aromas of toddlers as we enter the nursery, but you always get a lovely greeting from the Nursery staff. Every year without fail, a beautiful little individual Christmas gift is handed to Dave and I from a child from the Nursery along with a carol, sung just for us. A very touching and appreciated moment. 

The afternoon usually starts by politely nudging the printers – Luke, Giles, Lewis and Lynn – to get those final few jobs printed and finished off ready for 2.15pm and the start of the afternoon rounds. Come 4pm it’s back to the unit for a quick clean and sweep before returning to the shop, ready to leave for the day.

I truly enjoy my job working for DPS and have a great rapport with my close working colleagues and the many people who work at the University who I see on a regular basis on my rounds and are not just customers but have become firm friends. I started the job back in 2013 as a full-time employee, but in the last few years I decided it was time to ease down and just enjoy life a bit more in the ways of a job share. This allows me time to enjoy my cycling and spend quality time with my wife in our newly acquired holiday home. Yes, you guessed it, in Whitby! Stunning walks along the beach and in those pretty little seaside ports, relaxing taking in those views, that fresh clean sea air and sipping delicious fresh coffee. 

I’m a very lucky and happy Delivery Driver.