Nurturing innovation in Screen Technologies

Based at the University of York, Creativity Lab provides a dynamic space for businesses, academics and students to explore emerging technologies within the screen industries. The lab offers valuable opportunities for engagement and learning, along with specialised training, workshops and masterclasses conducted by industry experts in their cutting-edge facilities. Whether delving into Virtual Reality, Podcasting, 3D Design, or Video Editing, Creativity Lab serves as a hub for innovative exploration and skill development.

York LNER Community Stadium

Poster, pamphlets and public perception

The Creativity Lab had a lot of cutting edge technology and resources to offer but lacked any sort of a visual presence in the library. Design & Print Solutions were engaged to produce leaflets, signage and bespoke posters to remedy this situation.

The posters had to combine a disparate selection of visuals provided by the Lab covering such topics as podcasting, 3D scanning, printing, modelling and VR. So taking inspiration from The Bauhaus, Constructivism and Art Deco we created bold geometric designs into which the assets were judiciously placed. Thus the suite of Creativity Lab posters were born. They were such a hit with both staff and students that a second iteration was requested just a few months later which we were happy to produce.

York LNER Community Stadium